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The Albatross

You will find other descriptions here of Henri Weimerskirch’s work on Albatrosses under Albatrosses on this site as well as Anna Gagliardo’s work on the use of smell in navigation. A book recently written by Adam Nicholson called “The Seabirds … Continue reading

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Albatross dynamic soaring

Please find this PDF which follows a lot of research on Albatrosses.  This presentation throws up some really interesting issues.  I feel comfortable that albatrosses when they decide to go home follow their sense of direction to their home islands in … Continue reading

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Albatross Navigation

The Albatross that ranges over huge areas of the South Atlantic Region in overcast weather where sun clues are seldom available to return to their breeding islands such as Crozet in the South Atlantic, work done by Bonadonna et al … Continue reading

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